Dan Wilson

Working together, all good things are possible | Church Corner

For five years I have had the blessing of sharing my thoughts about faith through Church Corner articles.


Reaching out to the needy in Nicaragua with the Corner of Love | Part II

Proximo para dental, por favor! Next for dental, please.


Plateau Outreach Ministries programs provide a ray of hope for those in need | Church Corner

Thursday we will pause as a nation to give thanks for the blessings we have. For some folks giving thanks will be an easy thing to do. For others giving thanks will be difficult, hollow and sad.


Many claim to be spiritual, rather than religious | Plateau Church Corner

As the calendar turns, here we are…What? September already? Wait, wait. My summer want-to-do list is still in the drawer. Not a good sign as the days begin to shorten.

Here’s hoping church continues to change | CHURCH CORNER

Reformata, Semper Reformanda. No, that’s not a new Italian dish that I have cooked up. It is the phrase that means reformed, and always reforming. It is a phrase that I believe should guide all Christians and Christian churches today.

Looking for God through stillness, prayer? | Church Corner

Are you a “contemplative,” someone who experiences the presence of God in ways of stillness, reflection and prayer? Do you feel your greatest connection to the Sacred in ways that are different from a Sunday morning church service of modern or traditional music and preaching? Do you yearn to experience God in different ways?

Would you flee in fear, or gaze in awe? | Church Corner

There are many beautiful symbols for Easter. Spring flowers are wonderful symbols. Bright yellow daffodils bring us the good news: the darkness of winter is over and the promise of new life bursts forth in a profusion of sun-bright yellow. I like to think that the daffodils are the trumpets that declare the good news of that first Easter morning, “the tomb is empty!” Easter lilies burst forth in bright white color to bring light into the darkness of winter.