Ross Holtz

When we’re giving, others are blessed | Plateau Church Corner

“So,” she said, “I’m sure glad that’s over.” “Glad what’s over?” I responded, though I suspected I knew what she was talking about. “Christmas!” she exclaimed, “I’m glad Christmas is over.”


God wants to turn your weakness to strength | Church Corner

Have you noticed how weird the world seems to be getting? Do you read beyond the headlines and see the goofy stuff that is happening in the world around us?


Prayer helps during hard times | Church Corner

Everywhere I look I see hard times. In the last couple of years parents have lost their children at the hands of an angry, disturbed young man; an unprecedented storm caused billions of dollars in damage and untold personal loss in the Northeast; and a tornado of biblical proportions recently destroyed Moore, Okla., causing unbelievable destruction and unspeakable pain. Most of us watched it on the evening news. Hard times.


Blessed are those who believe without seeing | Church Corner

Resurrection Sunday 2013 is behind us now. The Easter story has been told again, a million times. It’s been preached from pulpits, taught in Sunday school classes large and small in all corners of the world.

Church Corner | Talk to God: you know it when you hear it

So I said, “I was talking to God the other day.” “Wait,” he said, “You talk to God, I mean not like, eh, pray or something, I mean you talk to God?”