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Vandals too much for public art | Wally’s World

You’ll probably recall that sculpture at the corner of Porter Street and Griffin Avenue in front of City Hall. “Boys In the Band” I think it was called.

Views shaped by the 1960s | Wally’s World

People sometimes ask me about my tastes in music, literature, movies, etc. Generally speaking, I’ll freely discuss such subjects without hesitation or reservations. In fact, I’ve openly pursued these matters in several columns.

Mint primed for return to downtown Enumclaw | Wally’s World

You may know Ryan Lundeen. If you don’t, he’s the president and director of that striping company on Third Street across from The Kettle. His company stripes everything from parking lots to tennis courts all over the state.

Enjoy a taste of the holidays | Wally’s World

Through the many years I’ve written these columns, I have on occasion, especially during the holiday season – in fact, I suspect, only during the holidays – offered recipes for some of my favorite dishes, drinks and sweets.

Carbonado historic saloon is worth the trip | Wally’s World

For the benefit of those who have just arrived in our mossy corner of the planet, you take a left on the other side of downtown Buckley, then an immediate right onto state Route 165 and continue for another five or six miles; drive through Burnett and Wilkeson and eventually you’ll end up in Carbonado, population 650, give or take a few.

Final goodbye to an old friend | Wally’s World

A few weeks ago, Art Pohlot died. He was a good friend – and that, of course, is one of the highest compliments I can pay him or anyone else.

WALLY’S WORLD: A poetic tour of downtown Enumclaw

T’was three days before Christmas and o’er the Plateau, Everyone was quite busy, everyone on the go;

Great farmers market found in Maple Valley | Wally’s World

This column has frequently showered considerable praise on Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle.

As Radio Shack closes its doors in Enumclaw, Gammon looks more to music

In the next few days, Enumclaw’s Radio Shack will close its doors. Permanently. And there you are. Another vacant building on Cole Street. Craig Gammon has been managing the business for the past 17 years. Most of you probably don’t know him in that capacity because you’ve never been in the store, which is precisely why the place is closing.

WALLY’S WORLD: America shaky, but still on top

America is the greatest nation on earth. This is true from almost any perspective you care to mention.

WALLY’S WORLD: Getting “bell rung” is no laughing matter

Though I was never big enough nor rough enough to play it, I’ve always enjoyed watching football. Apparently, this is true of most Americans. The popularity of the game clearly indicates that football has begun to rival baseball as our “national pastime.”

WALLY’S WORLD: Thanksgiving spurs fond family memories

Since the very first pilgrim/Indian feast in 1621, Thanksgiving has been a time of family gatherings.

Some holidays just stand out | Wally’s World

Looking back upon the Christmases I’ve known, a few stand out prominently from all the rest. This doesn’t mean those Christmases were necessarily the most enjoyable, only that they were more memorable.

WALLY’S WORLD: Vow tohave an outdoor wedding

Traditionally, June is the month for weddings. Most marriages are conducted in a church. But during the past 30 years, an increasing number of nuptials are defying custom and are taking place outdoors.

WALLY’S WORLD: Changing times brought us flappers and beatniks

From time to time throughout the course of the 20th century, there was a tendency for the mass media – movies, radio, newspapers, TV, etc. – to label and describe the youth of a particular generation. Thus, we had the “Lost Generation,” the “Beat Generation,” the “Now Generation” and perhaps others.

Benefactor breathes new life into Danish Hall | Wally’s World

The first Caucasians to appear on the Plateau were a handful of homesteaders sometime in the mid- to late-1880s. (Of course, the Indians had been blazing trails through the region at least 30,000 years before the whites arrived.) Many of the first homesteaders were Danish, who built a tiny hamlet in the Flensted District about three miles northwest of what would become Enumclaw.

Enumclaw Golf Course appears in good hands

Let’s get one thing straight at the outset: I’m not a golfer. Never have been and never will be. The sport just doesn’t work with me.

WALLY’S WORLD: Wishing readers the happiest of holidays

‘Twas two days before Christmas and o’r the Plateau, I drive here and there, meeting people I know; It’s still early evening as I drive down 410, And cruise into Buckley where I stop quite often.

WALLY’S WORLD: Neither party willing to deal with sick economy

Well gang, in the last year it has become quite apparent our economy is more screwed up than anyone suspected and there’s no quick fix on the horizon.

Life halts with computer crash | Wally’s World

The high-tech world that’s inundated all of us since the turn of the century has divided the whole of civilization into two parts: the Pre-Digital Age and the Post-Digital Age.