Wally DuChateau

New venture will take over Cole Street storefront | WALLY’S WORLD

Ten years ago, Aaron Brenner came to town and opened a bakery in the alley behind Vinnie’s Deli and the Village Shop. Today, both those businesses have folded, but the bakery is still going strong.

WALLY’S WORLD: Stars provide answers, but plenty of questions

I’ve always been quite fascinated by astronomy and/or cosmology. The two terms are often used interchangeably, but cosmology can sometimes imply a bit more speculation and philosophy than astronomy.

Old Boomers shape society | Wally’s World

Though it may be difficult for us Baby Boomers to imagine, we’re getting old. Whoever thought such a thing would happen? This is the generation of hell-raisers who didn’t trust anyone over 30 – and suddenly we’re turning 65. In droves. Like, 10,000 of us cross that threshold every day.

Local film portrays the Enumclaw past

Many are familiar with Gary LaTurner’s art work – those rather abstract canvases of seasonal naturescapes – but did you know he’s also the director of cultural programs for the city? As such, he’s had considerable influence on our town’s centennial celebration this year.

Remembering the Uncle Sylvester Gaydeski | Wally’s World

I had a great uncle, Sylvester Gaydeski, who died in 1970 at the age of 96. This, in and of itself, may not seem especially mind-boggling until you realize that when he was 10 or 11 years old, he migrated to this region via a covered wagon on the Oregon Trail.

Still considering white teeth, strong positions | WALLY’S WORLD

People occasionally ask what political party I’m affiliated with. More recently, they ask if I’m leaning toward Obama or Romney. If you’ve read these columns with any regularity for any length of time, the answer is probably clear.

Happy New Year, an annual apology | Wally’s World

Well, pop the champagne and give a rebel yell. Once again, it’s time to take stock of the past year and declare goals and resolutions for the future.

Another crisis in Middle East | Wally’s World

Well friends, we have another crazy damned bunch of hellions stomping around in the Middle East. (This being a family newspaper, I’m not allowed to use more colorful and appropriate descriptive terms.)

WALLY’S WORLD: Olson is driven to building street rods

Unlike many, if not most, guys, I’m not much interested in cars. Never have been.

WALLY’S WORLD: Welcome to the world of higher education

Dear College fresh-man, I’m sorry to hear you couldn’t find employment last summer. This isn’t unusual. As you’re surely aware, America is currently suffering through a rather severe recession and most of our students couldn’t find work during the summer months.

Getting ready for more pizza, drinks downtown | WALLY’S WORLD

If you’ve been around Enumclaw more than eight or 10 years and if, in your time, you have haunted any of the local bars, you’ll surely recall the old Rainier Tavern.

WALLY’S WORLD: Weighing booze vs. marijuana

Well, gang, after at least 60 years of intensive, scientific research, there is still no evidence that marijuana is any more toxic than booze and, in fact, there’s considerable evidence it’s less toxic. Let’s take a moment to compare the two.

Getting to know The Parlor Room | WALLY’S WORLD

Tina Cullison graduated from Auburn High School, married Justin Solmonsen 20 years ago, and has been living in Graham ever since. A few weeks ago, she took over the site and much of the inventory that was formerly City Perk and, in its place, opened The Parlor Room.

WALLY’S WORLD: Stars can be as messed up as anyone else

Sunday evening, Hol-lywood once again salutes the movie industry and its accomplishments. Though the event isn’t quite as popular as it was a few years ago, we can safely predict it will still attract one of the largest audiences and highest Neilson ratings of 2012.

Downtown Enumclaw, from a corner perch | WALLY’S WORLD

Well, there goes Harry Shephard, out for his stroll around the downtown streets. Though you may not know his name, you’ve probably seen him because he’s out and about nearly every day. He sets a pretty rapid pace, just a couple of ticks below a jog.

Some are too easily addicted | Wally’s World

Last week we explored our innate desire to experience new states of consciousness; that is, when we’re dissatisfied with our present state of mind, we change it by ingesting various drugs. So, we drink coffee because we want to be more alert.

WALLY’S WORLD: Point with pride to Enumclaw’s St. Elizabeth Hospital

Just in case you didn’t know – like, you’ve been living in a cave or something – we have a new hospital.

Enumclaw brothers realizing American Dream | Wally’s World

Sometime in the mid 1960s, David and Leticia Cardenas snuck across the border from Mexico to the United States.

Many writers, many options for inspiration

I had a difficult time coming up with this week’s subject. I wasted much of the afternoon making one start after another, none of which materialized into anything.

WALLY’S WORLD: Children will inherit a different America

A few weeks ago when the national debt was being debated (if debated in the correct word for such camera-posturing and close-minded ideological sound bites) our elected jesters on the Republican side argued (again, if that’s the correct word) that raising taxes on businesses would increase unemployment, a tenet quickly dismissed by the Democrats. Since I lean towards the liberal side of politics, you may be surprised to learn that, in this particular case, I agree with the conservatives.