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Look to R&B to find roots of today’s music | Wally’s World

People sometimes ask what I think of modern rock, rap and the pop scene in general. I usually say I don’t think much about it; that is, I rarely pay any attention to it.

Interior design is worth a visit | Wally’s World

Many know Bridget Peterson as a former employee in Suburban Soul." When that business closed its doors – yet another victim of our screwed up economy – she decided to open a store of her own, which was something she had wanted to do for many years. So, a couple months ago, she finally did. She was eminently qualified, having spent more than 15 years in the retail clothing business, including nine years with Nordstrom and four years with The Gap.

We’re returning to our roots | Wally’s World

Like most of you, I do nearly all my grocery shopping in the local grocery stores. I’ll continue to do this even though – given the pesticides, preservatives, genetic engineering, color additives, growth hormones and a host of other chemicals – no one is sure what we’re actually eating or what the long-term consequences might be.

In days gone by, banking was local | Wally’s World

So now, if you please, a little local Banking History 101.

Escaping the violence, landing in Enumclaw | Wally’s World

Like the antique store, the restaurant in Collectibles On Cole has been open for more than a year. Marilyn Nelson, owner of the whole operation – that is, both the antique side and the cafe – ran the restaurant, with various cooks and servers, during the first few months.

Fun Fourth at picnic grounds | Wally’s World

Across the Auburn Highway from the Enumclaw Sales barn, on the southwest corner of the intersection of state Route 164 and 228th Avenue Southeast, there’s a stand of fir trees that’s known as the Farmers’ Picnic Grounds. At least that’s what old-timers call it.

Mother, daughter bring life to Buckley café | Wally’s World

Bonna Hanna and I have known one another for at least 35 years and yet, for whatever reason, we’ve never been especially close. One could say we’re casual acquaintances; that is, we always greet one another with a smile while passing through the colorful neon and multi-hued mirrors of one bar or another.

Energy crisis will land in kids’ laps | Wally’s World

When I was in grad school (say around 1970), the Earth’s population stood at 3.5 billion. Today, it’s more than 7 billion. That would seem to be enough people.

Outfielder’s playing in the dirt | Wally’s World

In my younger days, I used to enjoy playing tennis and basketball. I suppose I still would, but haven’t played either for several years. Last time I shot a few hoops in Garrett Park, some young fellas – at least they were younger than 40 – walked on the court, so I had to leave. Either that, or make a fool of myself.

Someone is always watching us | Wally’s World

Hey, all you paranoid people out there, no need to be lonesome. Sometimes I also feel like I’m being watched.

Times are a changin’ | Wally’s World

As the man once said more than 40 years ago, "The Times They Are A-changin'."

Crew provides more than meat | Wally’s World

I never met Gene Emry and knew absolutely nothing about the barbecue catering service he opened around 1955 behind Herald’s Restaurant and Lounge (currently, a strip mall). In fact, I didn’t even realize the business was there until the mid-1960s. In 1990, Gene sold his enterprise to Frank Mickelson and, in 2005, Frank sold to Gary Shaw, who operates the place today.

We may be in for a bumpy ride | Wally’s World

Well, I can’t remember the exact day or week it started, but it was sometime last September. Initially, it was a handful of unemployed college grads, parading down Wall Street carrying novel protest signs: “We’re the 99 percent,” “Can I get bailed out?” and “Do you feel it trickle down?”

Big-time gambling and big-time troubles | Wally’s World

When most Americans think of gambling in Nevada, they think of the tourist-oriented Strip in Las Vegas. With more than a dozen huge casino-resorts – some of the largest in the world – and their gaudy, colorful walls of neon, water ballets and spectacular streetside theater, there’s good reason for the Strip’s fame and popularity.

Weighing religious emotion, scientific fact | Wally’s World

Well, class, it's time for a little anthropology, a subject that's always been close to my heart.

Remembering the Uncle Sylvester Gaydeski | Wally’s World

I had a great uncle, Sylvester Gaydeski, who died in 1970 at the age of 96. This, in and of itself, may not seem especially mind-boggling until you realize that when he was 10 or 11 years old, he migrated to this region via a covered wagon on the Oregon Trail.

Surgery is an eye-opening experience | Wally’s World

So, I found myself sitting in the office of ophthalmologist Robert Tester, M.D., while he held a model of the human eye in his lap and clarified my rather foreboding situation. He said my vision was going to hell because I had cataracts.

What has happened to the Republican party | Wally’s World

Contrary to what you may suspect, some aspects of the Republican party used to appeal to me. On occasion, I even voted for Republican candidates, especially in state elections.

If the warning is Mayan, I’m just not buyin’ | Wally’s World

Well, just in case you haven’t heard, the world is coming to an end this year. It’s the Mayan calendar, you know. On the 21st of December – which the Mayans surely realized was the first day of winter because they were really into astronomy – their 2000-year-old calendar comes to an end. And various cults, religions and prophets of one type or another attach a great deal of significance to this.

New venture will take over Cole Street storefront | WALLY’S WORLD

Ten years ago, Aaron Brenner came to town and opened a bakery in the alley behind Vinnie’s Deli and the Village Shop. Today, both those businesses have folded, but the bakery is still going strong.