Chamber survey to determine what we really want

Ever heard the local joke – you can’t buy underwear in Enumclaw?

Ever heard the local joke – you can’t buy underwear in Enumclaw?

Well, it’s not completely true; you can find long johns and socks. But in order to buy certain necessities of life, we admit, you have to leave town. Although our goal is to get Enumclaw residents to shop local, we understand you can’t find everything you need in the 98022 ZIP Code.

With more empty office and storefronts appearing in our community, your local Chamber of Commerce is working to slow and reverse that pattern. Our board and staff have plans to meet with building owners in Enumclaw to see how we can work together to fill those vacancies.

But step one is to find out what you, the residents and customers, want in your hometown for shopping. So we invite you to visit our Web site and take a three-question survey to let us know your thoughts. We will then take your comments and input and share with building owners to help them lure the right kind of businesses that you, the customers, will visit.

Take a minute out of your day, visit, and on our homepage click on:

“What businesses do you want to see in Enumclaw? Take our Survey! CLICK HERE.”

Recently we surveyed our chamber members with the same questions and received valuable input to help us in moving forward to improve economic development for our community.

Let us know what businesses you want in town and we’ll see how we can help you. If you prefer to contact the chamber staff directly with your thoughts, call us at 360-825-7666 or e-mail us at

We thank you in advance for taking the time to help us make Enumclaw a better place to eat, shop and play.

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