Clinic offers a hand to hand therapy patients

Patients of Bonney Lake Physical Therapy and Hand Rehab are in good hands. Especially when it comes to soft tissue mobilization performed by certified hand specialist and occupational rehabilitative therapist Brandy Campbell.

Maureen Hart and Jennifer Ferrell learn about hand therapy from Brandy Campbell Friday at Bonney Lake Physical Therapy and Hand Rehab.

Patients of Bonney Lake Physical Therapy and Hand Rehab are in good hands. Especially when it comes to soft tissue mobilization performed by certified hand specialist and occupational rehabilitative therapist Brandy Campbell.

Together with physical therapist Michael Egbert, the two have worked since March at their new business and aim at getting their patients back on the road to recovery – many who suffer with work and sports injuries, auto accidents and who may require general outpatient orthopedic care.

Both not only see their work as vital to a patient’s improved health but important in lifting their spirits.

“We’re both people persons,” Egbert said. “We care for our patients and we love working with people.”

Ebgert, 43, graduated in physical therapy in 1990 from the University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston. Campbell, 41, graduated in 1994 from the University of Puget Sound and earned her certification in hand therapy in 2005 from the American Society of Hand Therapists.

“I’ve always known I’ve wanted to work in physical therapy since high school,” Egbert said. “You get to work in the medical aspect. It’s totally philanthropic and you get to help people. We receive the benefit and reward of them also doing their homework.”

And the homework is aplenty.

Campbell said that much of her work involves teaching exercises, or what she referred to as “home programs.”

“If they have a nerve putting pressure somewhere, I might need to determine how they’re sleeping and help them change their sleeping habits,” she said. That regime especially comes in handy with those who might have nerve problems in their arms, hands and fingers.

One of Campbell’s patients is Maureen Hart of Fife. A registered physical therapist herself, Hart is under Campbell’s treatment for hand problems.

“She’s a fantastic therapist,” Hart said. “She’s thorough and she knows her stuff.”

Another patient, Jennifer Ferrell of Bonney Lake, said that although she was new to the clinic, she had already gained a trust in Campbell’s work and enjoyed her camaraderie and ability to put people at ease.

“She’s very personable and friendly,” Ferrell said. “She makes me feel relaxed.”

While the clinic may be somewhat new, it hasn’t taken long for Ebgert and Campbell to connect with their patients.

“What I like the most about working here is the laughter and the fun,” Campbell said.

Egbert agreed.

“We provide a lot of laughter (into our work),” he said. “We do incorporate a lot of positive mood environment – laughter – because sometimes that helps with the pain and the healing.”

Bonney Lake Physical Therapy and Hand Rehab is at 20910 state Route 410 E. in Bonney Lake, adjacent to Rainer Orthopedic Institute. Hours are 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday and its phone is 253-862-2575. Its Web site is

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