Dahlquist given Association of Washington Businesses’ Cornerstone Award.

The Association of Washington Business awarded Rep. Cathy Dahlquist of Enumclaw the Cornerstone Award for her votes supporting business-friendly legislation and against legislation that would further erode the state’s economic competitiveness, as determined by the organization’s credo.

“I truly appreciate being honored by the AWB, particularly because of the good work they do to protect our state’s job creators and get people back to work in this difficult economy,” said Dahlquist, R-31st District. “As a small-business owner, I know part of my job in the Legislature is to advance policies that improve employers’ abilities to grow their operations and hire people. The best way to turn our economy around is give people more opportunities to find good-paying jobs.”

AWB publishes its voting record after each legislative session. The 2011 Legislative Review and Vote Record is available for review online and includes scores for the governor as well as members of the House and Senate on issues of interest and importance to AWB. The vote record includes the member’s percentage of AWB supported votes in 2011 and 2010, as well as their lifetime AWB average and their score as calculated by the Washington State Labor Council. In 2011, 53 legislators received Cornerstone awards from AWB; 12 senators and 41 representatives.