Pharmacy specializes in custom orders | New Businesses

The pharmacy staff includes assistant Dana; pharmacist/owner Becky; owner Jeff; and technician Toree.

Pharmacists have long been taught the art and science of compounding, but it takes more time and detail than most professionals can offer. That’s where Foothills Compounding Pharmacy is different from most.

According to owner/pharmacist Becky Scribner, “We create customized medications unique to each patient. From bioequivalent hormones as a cream or capsule to a fish-flavored antibiotic for kitty, we can develop your prescriptions into the most patient-friendly form.

“I love the interaction and problem-solving I get to experience with each patient.”

Address: 2820 Griffin Ave., Enumclaw

Phone: 360-625-8785

Hours: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Tuesday through Friday.