Plateau area births | St. Elizabeth Hospital

St. Elizabeth Hospital


A girl, Zoe, born April 11, 2012, to Teresa and Joseph Scates of Greenwater.

A girl, Sophie, born April 12, 2012, to Shelby Cade and Andrew Gonzalez of Enumclaw.

A boy, Turner Westin Kilcup, born April 12, 2012, to Ashley and Jesse Kilcup of Wilkeson.

A boy, Joshua-Carl Derek Stanton, born April 14, 2012, to Krystal Stanton and Jeffery Murphy of Auburn.

A girl, Reese Rae Huizenga, born April 16, 2012, to Nicole and Dan Huizenga of Buckley.

A boy, Murdock Radford, born April 16, 2012 to Michelle Livingston and Nik Radford of Buckley.