Sunset Chev doubles down on stadium naming rights

Sunset Chevrolet announced Friday night that it will double down on Sunset Chev stadium. The car dealership will extend its naming rights contract with Sumner School District, bringing its total financial commitment to the stadium to a cool $1 million.

The dealership became the chief sponsor of Sumner High School’s stadium in 2003, signing over renovation and maintenance funds totaling $500,000 to be spent over 14 years. The extension doubles their financial commitment, now good until 2031.

“We’re pretty excited to be continuing this partnership,” school district spokesperson Ann Cook said.

Sunset Chev is one of only a handful of name-sponsored stadiums in Washington state. Ideally, such private/public partnerships engender benefits for both parties. The business receives prominent brand recognition. The public entity receives a well-maintained facility at less of a burden to taxpayers.

The summer of 2012 saw the latest spate of facility renovations, including new turf, new tracks, and a new javelin run.