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December 9, 2012 · 10:50 AM

She Is Overheard Singing

by Edna St. Vincent Millay


Oh, Prue she has a patient man,

And Joan a gentle lover,

And Agatha's Arth' is a hug-the-hearth,­--

But my true love's a rover!


Mig, her man's as good as cheese

And honest as a briar,

Sue tells her love what he's thinking of,­--

But my dear lad's a liar!


Oh, Sue and Prue and Agatha

Are thick with Mig and Joan!

They bite their threads and shake their heads

And gnaw my name like a bone;


And Prue says, "Mine's a patient man,

As never snaps me up,"

And Agatha, "Arth' is a hug-the-hearth,

Could live content in a cup,"


Sue's man's mind is like good jell­--

All one color, and clear­--

And Mig's no call to think at all

What's to come next year,


While Joan makes boast of a gentle lad,

That's troubled with that and this;­--

But they all would give the life they live

For a look from the man I kiss!


Cold he slants his eyes about,

And few enough's his choice,­--

Though he'd slip me clean for a nun, or a queen,

Or a beggar with knots in her voice,-­-


And Agatha will turn awake

While her good man sleeps sound,

And Mig and Sue and Joan and Prue

Will hear the clock strike round,


For Prue she has a patient man,

As asks not when or why,

And Mig and Sue have naught to do

But peep who's passing by,


Joan is paired with a putterer

That bastes and tastes and salts,

And Agatha's Arth' is a hug-the-hearth,­--

But my true love is false!









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