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Plateau Writers | A Mother's Heart | Poem by Louise Deffley

August 14, 2013 · 2:59 PM


By A. Louise Deffley –

May 2003

No one knows a mother’s heart, not even another mother.  They may empathize with one another; perhaps even believe they know the other’s heart.  It cannot be, as each mother is alone with herself, with her child as it is born.  Each life has its own pathway, its own emotions, sorrows and joys.

Each child nestled under the mother’s heart waiting to be born learns his/her mother in his/her own way.   Yet, the child will never know the mother’s heart.   Mothers have a special spot carved for each life she has carried cradled within her very own self.  Some children may form a stronger outward bond, but all have their own inward bond that none can invade or destroy.   A mother’s sorrows, pains, regrets and joys settle into the designated spot as the years pass by, as each child grows into maturity.  Nothing erases the moment of first seeing the tiny child, counting the fingers and toes, holding the warmth close outside while the inside gives up the pain of departure.

Oh yes!   A mother’s heart!  There is no other that compares.  No other individual can know the closeness formed from within that of necessity pushes forth into the world to go forth into separation.

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