31st District needs a senator who is willing to listen | Letter

District needs a senator who is willing to listen

I find it ludicrous when Pam Roach accuses Chris Hurst and Cathy Dahlquist of bullying her. Many who have dealt with Pam Roach know bullying her is an impossibility. Quite the opposite.

As a classroom teacher, I met with Pam Roach numerous times in regards to educational issues. I can attest to the fact that she is the bully. I have personally experienced her unfounded anger and actions when questioned respectfully about her stances regarding education funding and bills. As an example, one time she was displeased with a report I wrote after she avoided talking with me although I had made an appointment, confirmed it the day prior, and arrived at her office at the appointed time. She was not in the office, so her assistant sent me to where she was. After waiting for over two hours, when she knew I was there and could have talked with me, I wrote a report stating she had chosen not to talk with me although she did talk with others. It was not written in an accusatory manner, but merely stated the fact.

Pam Roach called the education representatives to tell them she was firing me. It made no difference to her when told I was neither their employee nor hers so firing me was not an option. She just kept saying she was “firing me.”

This is a person whose own party excluded her from their caucus due to the negative way she treated staff and colleagues. She was only allowed back this past session in order for the party to be in the majority. Those of us in the 31st District need a senator who will listen to differing points of view in a rational manner, treating all with respect and courtesy. We deserve a senator who will work in a collaborative manner to the benefit of all.

Val Belcher