A son’s love on Mother’s Day

A White River School District student wrote this for his mother.

Editor’s note: Every year, Buckley elementary school students do a special project for Mother’s Day. This is a 5th grader’s letter to his mother. No edits have been made.

Dear mom,

I want to start out with saying You are the light of my day the sunshine that gets rid of the darkness you are the reason the rainbow comes out. I’m saying that your that world to me.

Do you remember when we watched that movie together that was time well spent together and i want to do that more and when you read this you might not think i do but that’s true but it is.

You do a lot of things for me that can’t repay you for. But in this paragraph i’m going to thank you. Thank you for being there for me, thank you for picking me up when i fall, thank you for bringing me into the world so that i could be with you.

There are a lot of other moms out there but i must the irish because i’m the luckiest kid in the world because i got you for a mom.

Mom i love you.

Happy Mother’s Day

Landon Brown to his mother, Jennifer

Bonney Lake

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A son’s love on Mother’s Day

A White River School District student wrote this for his mother.

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