A thank you to our friends, family, P.O.M. and Brit Nelson

We would like to thank everyone who worked to make the celebration of our 50th-year of marriage so much fun.

Lorrie and I would like to thank everyone who worked so hard and helped make the celebration of our 50th-year of marriage so much fun, and thank you Merla Sean for all of the great photos that you took.

Thanks to our family and the many friends who attended at the Half Lion in Sumner — you made it a very great day for us.

And a great big thank you for all who made donations to Plateau Outreach Ministries. It’s such a great cause for helping those who are in need on the Plateau.

This brings us to another big thank you to Brit Nelson, who is stepping down as director of P.O.M. It is amazing what P.O.M. accomplishes throughout the year. She and her staff and volunteers have put together a super first-class operation. It is one more organization that makes the people of Enumclaw proud to live in this town.

Again Brit, thank you for a job well done. You will be missed.

Michael and Lorrie Maras


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