A thankful poem

A sincere thanks to everyone who made the holidays great for our seniors.

Enumclaw Senior Center would like to thank all the people in the community who contributed to making this such a wonderful holiday season for our seniors!

The Enumclaw Garden Club

for our glorious TREE!

The “Window Elf” for painting-

0ur windows, for all to SEE!

The City’s Finance gals & Living Court

who helped set up the GIVING TREE-

And ALL who took GIFT TAGS—

you make so many happy,

with your GENEROSITY!

Thanks to Rednecks & Rugrats Jeep Club

gift Cards for Senior’s to SPEND

Thanks to Enumclaw Rotary –

so many helping hands they LEND!

Santa & Mrs. Claus made time to stop on IN

Christmas Dinner – an anonymous donor

brought a wrapped gift for every SENIOR FRIEND!

Neighbors Feeding Neighbors

the volunteers are so GREAT!

they made sure a Christmas dinner

homebound seniors –ATE!

Community friends-

we “thank you”

for the wonderful things you DO-

and wish a “Happy and Healthy New Year” to YOU!

The Enumclaw Senior Center

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