Advocating for a Washington state income tax | Letter

I am writing to advocate for Washington State to completely replace its current tax system with a moderately progressive income tax.

The current system of 60 taxes, tolls and fees would be replaced with personal, family, business, and corporate state income taxes. This income tax would be deductible from federal income taxes.

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Currently the state of Washington is over $19 billion in debt. Tuition at both the University of Washington and Washington State University has risen over 100% in the past 10 years. Partly because of lack of funding for public education, Washington State has the 4th most overcrowded classrooms in the nation.

A modern tax system would adequately fund public education, public transit, DSHS, and police, sheriff, and fire departments to protect them. Again, personal, family, business, and corporate state income taxes would be deductable. (


Eric Paulsen