All will be miserable with healthcare choices | Letter

James Hoffa and other union leaders were recently quoted that ObamaCare was killing the 40-hour work week and the middle class. Welcome to the party.

James Hoffa and other union leaders were recently quoted that ObamaCare was killing the 40-hour work week and the middle class. Welcome to the party. Conservatives, Tea Party types and most Republicans figured this out long before this bill became law. But, it is too late for your union members, Mr. Hoffa, you helped put the screws to them for your own personal gain.

Democrat Sen. Max Baucus, a big proponent of ObamaCare, recently stated that he now realizes ObamaCare is a train wreck. Welcome to the party Sen. Baucus.  But don’t worry, you and your fellow politicians made yourselves exempt from the horrors of ObamaCare while putting the screws to the American public. Again, for your personal gain.

James Hoffa is correct, ObamaCare is going to kill the 40-hour work week. Hundreds of companies around the country are reducing the hours that full-time employees work. Thirty-five to 40-hour work weeks are being reduced to 29 hours a week to avoid the onerous requirement of ObamaCare. Some companies are eliminating employer-provided healthcare and forcing employees to sign up for government health insurance plans. Heck, you see this with the local grocery strike looming. And the grocers union has the nerve to blame corporate greed. The grocery union needs to put the blame where it belongs – on Obama and the Democrats who passed ObamaCare.

All the promises Obama and the Democrats made about this horrific law will not come true. I predict the exact opposite will occur and things will become worse. Premiums will skyrocket, many people will lose their employer-provided healthcare plans, many people will not be able to keep their doctors. I have a rule that is proven right time and time again: every time the government sticks its’ finger in the healthcare business, costs go up, service and quality go down and promises made never come to fruition.  But who am I?  Obama is the smart one and the healthcare expert.

So let’s summarize.  Five years ago, 80 to 90 percent of the people were satisfied with their healthcare insurance and healthcare providers.  Now, everybody (except politicians and millionaires) will be equally miserable with their healthcare.

There are many more unintended consequences of ObamaCare that will come to fruition as time goes on.  And as it stands now, with the Democrats running the Senate and Obama in office for another three years, ObamaCare is here to stay for a while. What is sad is that the greatest healthcare system in the world will be reduced to a shadow of its’ former self thanks to ObamaCare. And Obama, he will be long gone and living the life of a millionaire with his Secret Service protection and a lot of money for the best healthcare around. Thanks Obama, you are so smart and such a healthcare expert.

J Buss

South Prairie

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