Approve White River School District bond | Letter to the Editor

In 1968, the year our oldest child entered the Seattle school system, my husband Jerry and I decided that our priority to our family was to relocate away from the large city to a smaller community to raise our children. Our goal was to be able to move to the Buckley area which had been my home for 18 years and to be able to enroll our children in the White River School District. In April of 1969 we realized that goal.

Since then we have been staunch supporters of the White River School District. We are parents to four children who have successfully completed their elementary and secondary education at White River, continued on to higher education and have become successful members of their communities. Currently we have five grandchildren who are students in this district.

I know that much of my very strong support for our schools was ingrained in me by the active participation of my parents in the schools when I was a student at White River. They always voted for schools in the 1940s and ’50s, even when doing so presented a significant financial burden for them. They believed in and supported the White River School District long after I had graduated. For them, voting was a responsibility, an honor and a privilege which they took very seriously. They taught me by example to do the same.

I believe there are many positives to be gained if we as a community successfully pass the upcoming bond. Financially, since the previous bond from 15 years ago has been fully paid, the new bond will keep our tax rate at the current level. Additionally our students, both current and future, will benefit from renovated schools which includes: security and safety upgrades at all schools in the district, needed structural repairs, replacement of temporary portable classrooms in many areas, including a major renovation of Glacier Middle School, school playground improvements and sports field upgrades, including a stadium at White River High School.

This bond is all about providing better learning spaces for the students and teachers at White River. These students are our future and we owe it to our future and theirs to provide them with an environment that will allow them to achieve their full potential.

I urge all voters to please support this bond issue. Ballots are due by Feb. 9. I know many of you who read this letter have or know children who will greatly benefit by the successful passing of this bond. Our students are our strength! I ask you to join me in voting to approve the WRSD bond.

Alice Alfano