Baxley is an important choice for Black Diamond mayor

Judy Baxley has been part of our local civics for years, and thank goodness because citizen involvement is critical to monitoring big developers.

Who is Judy Baxley? What does she stand for?

Judy has been part of our local civics for years, and thank goodness because citizen involvement is critical to monitoring big developers. A regular at Council meetings, Judy knows the current mayor encourages disorder. Judy knows a lot about our city and our government, and her values and goals are shared by many citizens.

As with any person running for any office small or large, it takes a certain amount of qualifications. It takes drive, and compassion for your cause, and a lot of courage to put yourself out there to be the subject of countless slanderous ads, like the mailings that I am sure you have been relentlessly subjected to.

The political tic-tacs by our current Mayor that only reaffirm the lack of professionalism in our current administration. Judy Baxley has weathered that slander without waiver for her strive to do better for us. She believes in our community and believes in restoring the following of the laws and rules set forth by this town and its citizens.

Let’s restore honesty to our government, and vote for Judy Baxley.

C. Sutherland

Black Diamond

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