Buckley cannot afford its natural gas system | Letter

With the increasing state and federal regulations, cost of maintaining an aging system, and volatile gas prices caused by many factors such as the unstable market in the petroleum-producing countries around the world, Buckley can no longer afford to remain competitive in the sale of natural gas to its citizens. Larger companies can purchase gas at much lower rates than a small utility company like Buckley which has far fewer customers. Further, Buckley cannot offer the rebates on energy efficient appliances, weatherization programs, budget billing programs, and lower gas rates that larger companies can.

The Buckley City Council has determined that, in the financial interest to the city, we should cease operating its gas utility and seek to obtain bids for its sale. This was done and, in an open bidding process, Puget Sound Energy submitted a $5.4 million offer. PSE submitted the only bid and so was selected by the Buckley City Council although the Council had retained the authority to reject all bids.

Ordinance No. 08-13 concerning the sale of the city’s gas utility to Puget Sound Energy for $5.4 million was approved by the Buckley City Council. This will appear as Proposition 1 on the ballot in the upcoming Nov. 5 election. This is a very important issue and will greatly benefit all Buckley residents and businesses. When you receive your ballot, we urge you to vote and approve this ordinance.

Please vote for Proposition 1.

Steve Britton

Committee for Buckley gas sale