Cannot have peace when one seeks to destroy | Letter to the Editor

The hostilities between Israel and the Palestinians have been heating up the past couple months. The internationally recognized terrorist group Hamas has been launching missiles into Israel, thus killing innocent civilians. Fortunately, Israel has the Iron Dome missile defense system which takes out missiles that are being launched into Israel in these unprovoked attacks.The international progressives, leftists, Nazis and anti-semites are launching their very predictable anti-Israeli protests.  They demonstrate their rage against Israel when Israel exercises their God-given right of self defense. Would the United States tolerate missiles being launched into the Unites States from Cuba or any other country? OK, maybe some lefties would relish this thought.

I will give my map for peace in the Middle East. It is a very simple map for peace filled with common sense. There can be peace in the Middle East if just one of the following things occur:

1. Israel lays down all their weapons and let Hamas and the Palestineans kill every man, woman and child in Israel and let them take over Israel; or,

2. Hamas and the Palestineans lay down their weapons and love their children more than they hate Israel; or,

3. The Unites States, the United Nations and the rest of the international community allows Israel to take care of business and wipe out their enemy. An enemy that has vowed to wipe Israel out.

I hope the No. 2 element occurs, but I am skeptical.It is very easy, you cannot negotiate peace between two peoples when one of those peoples has it in their nation’s charter to destroy the other.

We now have peace if one of these three elements are met. I already feel smarter than Barack Obama and John Kerry.

J. Buss

South Prairie