Cathy Dahlquist is clear choice in race for 31st Senate seat | Letter

Voters in the 31st District have an important decision to make this November when casting their vote for the state Senate.

For the first time in many years, we have an excellent candidate who has demonstrated her ability to work with everyone. I worked with Cathy Dahlquist, serving on the Enumclaw School Board. Her ability to consider both sides of an issue and develop well-reasoned decisions is exemplary. Rep. Dahlquist brings considerable experience, passion and knowledge with regard to education, one of the most critical issues facing our state legislators in the near future. Numerous interactions with Sen. Roach over the past six years have demonstrated a far less cooperative approach.

Given the realities of the balance of control in our state Legislature, it seems long overdue to choose the candidate who has the ability, the willingness and the necessary skills to collaborate and lead the charge to overcome the challenges that will need to be resolved in the coming years. If you’re looking for positive change, integrity, honesty and sensibility, there is only one clear choice: Cathy Dahlquist.

Corey Cassell