Chris Hurst thanks community and clarifies his wife is not retiring

Letters to the Editor

I really appreciate the kind messages I have received from folks after the Courier-Herald story announcing my decision not to run this year for re-election to the Washington State House of Representatives. It has been my honor to serve you in Olympia.

I did want to clarify one point however. The story mentioned that my wife April and I plan on having a bed and breakfast in Greenwater sometime in the future, but that is still some number of years away. The story stated that April is retiring from her dog and cat grooming business in Enumclaw. She has been getting daily calls from upset and worried clients who have loved bringing their animals to her for many years at April’s Pet Salon. April is not retiring anytime soon and she is open for business. The bed and breakfast is a dream that is some years off in the future, so things will be fine and nothing will be changing with April’s Pet Salon.

As an animal groomer, I have always said that April is far more popular than me and that she is the one who should have gone into politics. Now I know that is true!

Again, thanks for all of the kind comments and good wishes and don’t worry about April not being able to take care of your animals in Enumclaw. She will stay in business.


Christopher Hurst