Church and state are separated for our freedom

A response to a letter calling for the U.S. to return to God.

Editor’s note: This letter is in response to the letter, “Freedom and equality can only be achieved under God,” published Feb. 20. 2019.

Ms. Biggerstaff has all of the answers. It’s simple, really — the separation of church and state is a mistake, and all we have to do to make this country right is to live by God’s laws. Ah, but here is where the rub comes in — she, of course, being a Christian, would have us live by the laws of the Bible and the teachings of Jesus Christ. What would that mean for the millions in our country who don’t believe in that particular version or belief in God? Who will we look to to interpret these laws from God? How would they be selected? Would they be elected? That is no way to ensure that they are chosen by God to lead us. How would we deal with all of the people who don’t believe the Bible is the answer? Do we just expel them or do we do worse? So many easy answers when we just follow God’s laws, right? Look to the countries that already govern by God’s laws. Is that really what we want for our country?

Larry Benson


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