City didn’t follow advice to support local business | Letters to the Editor

I am writing to tell the powers that be at Enumclaw City Hall how disappointed I am that they chose to give the contract for the city hanging baskets to a nursery out of our area.

The contract was given to Windmill Gardens in Sumner, which as everyone knows is in a different county. They do not pay taxes to our schools, library or fire department. Nor do they shop in our stores. Many times I have heard the phrase “shop locally,” yet you failed to do so yourselves. Remember, this is the “Plateau,” not the “Valley.”

Apparently, some of your reasoning was “the baskets weren’t nice.” Once the baskets left GE&B it was no longer their responsibility to care for them. GE&B was punished for someone not taking care of them properly.

As one  who has bought my flowers from GE&B for 35 years I can honestly say I have never purchased any flowers from them that weren’t beautiful and healthy.

It is probably too late to rectify this mistake in judgment but I truly hope you will do so next year.

Joyce Dal Santo