City leaders too willing to spend citizen money | Letters

Our city officials seem to have problems agreeing on anything except spending money. Now they have hired a survey company to ask its citizens for their opinions on the best way to pay for repairs to our roads. The survey tells of numerous options our officials can impose at our expense which is quite frightening. Question five asks to rate which is more important, police, parks, seniors and youth centers, art, expo center, roads, etc. Everything on that list is important to the overall well being of our community and at this point I am not willing to let these few officials decide for me. Face it, their track record does not inspire confidence.

These are the same people that hired a public relations company to come up with an idea to draw others to our city. Equestrian City Of The West was expensive and a bust. I’m sure it would have been more successful to have a contest and let our children come up with workable ideas instead of paying so much for nothing.

Instead of thinking of our road repairs, huge expensive ideas have come up about a new Welcome Center. Now they suggest money for roads come from additions to sales taxes or auto dealership taxes and even property taxes. We already have a $20 charge added to our vehicle tabs but now that is not enough. I don’t even want to think of the litigation expenses our city officials have incurred because they do not work or play well with others.There is a recession-proof way to solve many of these problems and We The People voted. But our city officials think they know better than the voter. Eleven of the 13 precincts in Enumclaw district voted to legalize recreational marijuana. It would be ignorant to assume that all of these people want to use but do see the wisdom in taxing growth and sales bringing much-needed revenues to our area without tapping its already burdened citizens even more. As it stands now with the moratorium the only ones benefiting are the drug dealers which makes me ask the question, who are our city officials trying to please? Certainly not the voter.