City needs Dickson’s passion, business sense | Letter to the Editor

I don’t get involved nor want to know all of the political issues in Enumclaw. I do watch, listen and look around Enumclaw to see what is being done to make it better.

Since Darrel Dickson has been on the council, lots have happened. He did not do it all alone but has been an important part in improving the city. I watched with interest when our deficit became a big number and how it has been reduced by half. I read in the paper about the Expo Center’s change of management which will stop the drain on the city. I watched the neighbor kids excited about going to the Fourth’s fireworks which wasn’t supposed to happen. This is what Darrel does – strives to make Enumclaw better.

I am just an average resident and voter and I am voting for Darrel Dickson. We need him: we need his business sense; we need him because he cares.

Doug Eggen