Column mirrored recent Islamic propaganda | Letter to the Editor

Congratulations, Mr. Elfers. Your article (Courier-Herald, Jan. 28) is in the best tradition of modern Islamic propaganda (worthy of a run of the CAIR website) and while fresh to the Plateau, it sounds rather stale on the national and world stage.

Congratulations, Mr. Elfers. Your article (Courier-Herald, Jan. 28, page 6) is in the best tradition of modern Islamic propaganda (worthy of a run of the CAIR website) and while fresh to the Plateau, it sounds rather stale on the national and world stage.

Let’s see, exercise of Western freedoms that we value offend Muslims; therefore, some of these freedoms should be restricted – or else we get what we deserve (it’s our fault). But which freedoms and, more importantly, who decides? The answer is, emphatically, not the one’s doing the threatening. The truth is, various groups are routinely offended and “gee, look, no body parts.” One wonders about the atrocities committed by Muslims in Nigeria, Sudan, Philippines, India, ect. (the list is very long). What freedoms did their victims abuse?

Another congratulations is in order, Mr. Elfers, on your equating French and German reaction to their demanding Muslim population to the reaction of Islamic extremists. Nice touch, but there’s a big difference between wanting someone to assimilate and killing someone if they won’t capitulate. In closing, I say good job, you have certainly obtained dhimmi status for your effort.

In closing, many things said and written about Jesus, Christians find offensive, yet the response is remarkably different.

Tom Woodward

Bonney Lake


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