Columnist’s view on race was troubling | Letter to the Editor

I live in Enumclaw and have been getting your paper for the last several years.

I love Enumclaw but am a little troubled by the recent article “Understanding geography of red, blue” (March 11). I’ve never agreed with much of what Rich Elfers has written, but his most recent piece is downright disturbing. That someone would write something so blatantly racist and ignorant is almost as upsetting as the fact that the local paper would publish it.

There were many appalling lines in the piece but perhaps nothing so dramatic as “minorities like to live among their own, just like whites who favor the suburbs and more rural areas.”

Did anyone read this before it was printed? This would have been offensive and inflammatory in the ‘60s and ‘70s. In 2015 it’s truly appalling. His article was a series of stereotypes and generalizations that have little to no basis in fact.

I understand that this was in the opinion section, but it’s the duty of The Courier-Herald to determine which opinions are disseminated widely throughout our community. As one white citizen who is not here for other white people, please consider the fact that there are some intelligent and open-minded people in this community before you print discriminatory rubbish in the future. Thank you.

Aaron Mainer