Councilman: City made big strides in 2013, this year off to a strong start

I would like to give thanks to our city manager, staff, administration, mayor, and City Council members for all the hard work they did in the year 2013.

I would like to give thanks to our city manager, staff, administration, mayor, and City Council members for all the hard work they did in the year 2013.

The following is a review of some of the city of Enumclaw’s highlights, events and accomplishments that occurred in the 2013 calendar year:

• Approval of Ordinance 2521 setting up an Expo Advisory Board consisting of seven members to advise City Council on the overall vision and mission of the Expo Center. Later in the year the mayor appointed members of the newly formed Expo Advisory Committee.

• Our City Council established a Transportation Benefit District which will be used to in the future to fund improvements to our city streets.

• On Jan. 27, 2013, we celebrated the Enumclaw Centennial at the Enumclaw fieldhouse, a celebration of 100 years since our city was formed on Jan. 27, 1913.

• The city was able to procure two offers to manage the golf course. The competition from the two bidders resulted in an overall improved lease for the city the golf course. The golf course is now operated by a PGA professional who is continuing to make improvements to the golf course.

• The mayor signed a mutual letter of understanding with King County regarding negotiating with the future land owner of the White River timber property regarding residents gaining access to the White River timber properties for affordable recreational use.

• The Washington State Senate passed Bill 5030 which will extend the Chinook Scenic Byway between Highway 410 and Farman Street. This will help city attract more tourism and enable the city to obtain grants in the future.

• Ordinance 2526 added two new chapters to the code relating to the protection and preservation of historic landmarks.

• Ordinance 2528 amended the municipal code regarding regulations for sewer and water administration, specifically the adjustment of water and sewer bills due to leaks for single-family residential customers.

• Resolution 1477 was adopted regarding funding of the Plateau Historical Society for the purpose of transferring, maintaining and displaying artifacts.

• The city of Enumclaw recognized Jobyna Nickum, Enumclaw Senior Center director’s achievement of being named Washington Association of Senior Centers professional of the year.

• The Enumclaw Economic Development Task Force reported on their initial draft of recommendations to the City Council for a plan to help economic growth in our city.

• Resolution 1478 was approved which approved funding for improvements to McFarland Park

• The Enumclaw City Council approved a new interim city manager Chris Searcy replacing the outgoing Mike Thomas.  Later in the year the Council approved Chris Searcy as the city manager.

• City Council approved Resolution 1485, an agreement between the city of Enumclaw and state public utilities for the replacement of the city’s 2 million gallon water reservoir.

• In 2013 City Council approved funding for social service needs in the 2014 Budget including: Youth Services, $50,000; Plateau Outreach Ministry, $25,000, KCSARC, $2,000; Neighbors Feeding Neighbors, $5,000; YWCA, $2,000.

Additional budget appropriations approved by council for 2014 include: Enumclaw Area Chamber of Commerce Visitor’s Center, $10,000; Arts Alive rental subsidy of $7,500; Enumclaw Area Chamber of Commerce rental subsidy of $6,000; and Enumclaw Green River Community College, $10,000.

The city began ground preparation on the welcome for the Enumclaw sign monument that will be located at Highway 410 and Warner Avenue.

City Council took another step toward breaking ground on the Enumclaw Welcome Center by reaching an agreement with the Forest Service and Parks Service.

We are off to a great start in 2014.  We have three new energetic council members whom have good ideas for improving our community. Already in 2014 our council has acted to further reduce regulations on businesses and have approved a funding source for our transportation benefit district for needed city street improvements.

By working together we can make 2014 an even better year. Please provide your ideas to our mayor or one of your city councilman. Your input is valued and appreciated.


Darrel Dickson

Enumclaw City Council, Position 2


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