Dahlquist has traits of an effective legislator | Letter to the Editor

I experienced the inner workings of Washington State’s Legislature as a Republican intern in 2012. I got to see more than just the sandstone and marble walls, but also had the opportunity to get to know the men and women behind the suits that represent you.

What I learned more than anything is to disregard the resumes; personalities are what make a good politician. Positive energy, proactive efforts, and above all, an absolute selfless commitment to the people of their district are all traits of a good legislator.

Cathy Dahlquist embodies all of these traits. I saw her day in and day out exemplify the integrity, humility and honesty that all politicians should maintain. Her willingness to put partisanship aside and work across the aisle in order to benefit the district is exemplified by her effective legislative relationship with Chris Hurst. I admire her for her dedication to the district.

Pam Roach on the other hand, subjects others to her priorities and forces others to function for her out of fear. She threatens, she intimidates, she frustrates those who need her to cooperate in order to benefit not only her district, but the entire state. She is the kind of person at the legislature that you make way for as you walk past her and look over your shoulder just to make sure she doesn’t double back. It is all about Pam’s personal agenda regardless of whether it’s good for the people or not.

Pam’s been kicked out of her caucus, she’s missed votes on the floor because she was gone on an unauthorized trip to Azerbaijan lacking any relevance or benefit to Washington state during legislative session. However; in an election year, what should offend voters the most is that she’s recruited a fake Democrat in an attempt to draw votes away from Republican Dahlquist because polls show that in a head-to-head, Roach suffers a loss to Dahlquist.

This campaign has so far shown how eccentric and increasingly desperate she has become, all telltale signs of the waning period of a tyrant’s rule. Throughout history some of the most powerful and abusive politicians began their careers honestly. But all bad representatives of the people seem to lose their seat at some point because those whom they represent choose to stand up against them. I hope the voters make that stand. Maybe 20 years ago Pam started out with good intentions, but over time she has developed an abuse of her position that will inevitably lead to her demise as a state senator. She should know better, she got her degree in history.

Jon Roy Bathum, Enumclaw