Democrat PAC spreading false statements on Rossi

It’s simply not true that Dino Rossi was responsible for denying health care coverage for tens of thousands of kids.

I am really surprised at the huge ad campaign running on TV and in the mail against local candidate Dino Rossi. If you base your vote in November on nothing more than the content of the House Majority PAC’s television commercials, it would appear that Mr. Rossi is responsible for denying health care coverage for 45,000 children.

In fact, back in 2003, Mr. Rossi did propose a $50 million cut in Medicaid spending when he was the State Ways and Means Committee Chairman due to a very bleak budget year. That proposal was scrapped by the Washington State Democrats, who along with the Republicans replaced it with new rules governing eligibility of children for health care. Among those changes were that continuous eligibility ended, which meant that if a family’s income went above the income standard, coverage would end. Second, certification periods went from 12 months to every six months. Third, it became necessary for those parents applying to actually sign a form certifying their income along with the State of Washington verifying the applicant’s income through available databases.

The fact is that Mr. Rossi would like to be your elected representative in Washington D.C. to help cut wasteful spending, and having personally talked with him on several occasions, I believe him to be an honest, decent person. What I cannot understand is why someone like the House Majority PAC, which is an out-of-state entity (based in D.C.), would be so interested in our local politics. With that in mind, I would ask readers to consider just how much money this PAC is putting forth into virtually false advertising and why. I just do not think it is solely for the good of us, the Washington voters and ultimately, the Washington tax payers.

My final though to you, as a voter, is that you indeed think very hard this year before marking your ballot and learn as much as you can about the candidates by actually listening to their speeches and interviews. Always talk to your friends and ask them what they think and how they base their opinion. If possible, go to a political rally and get involved. An informed voter makes for a better citizen. Do not be afraid to reach out to others who may be on the other side of the ever-widening political divide. With honest people elected to office like Dino Rossi, your vote will count and we will make this country great again.

Darrell Bryant

Black Diamond

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