Dissing the Black Diamond Police Department

Council members Pepper, Weber and Morgan are at it again, this time both violating labor law and expressing disrespect for our Black Diamond Police Department. At the October 20th City Council Meeting, Pepper, Weber and Morgan voted NO to approving the labor contract negotiated with the Black Diamond Police Officers Association. This is despite the fact that the contract is clearly favorable to the City (there are no salary increases included). Pepper, Weber and Morgan expressed no objections to the contract. Weber even said he favored the contract but voted no anyway.

Then, to make matters worse, Pepper and Morgan met at the Black Diamond Bakery where they asked questions pertaining to the contract of several officers present. This is blatantly illegal and in clear violation of Fair Labor Practices Law. Association members appropriately refused to answer their questions.

Where are we now? Because the Council voted NO to approving the contract, we may now be back to square one. The Association is no longer under any obligation to agree to the terms previously negotiated. The City also now faces potential charges of Unfair Labor Practices.

This kind of illegal, disrespectful and just plain stupid behavior on the part of Pepper, Weber and Morgan must stop.

As an addendum to the above comments, during the last meeting of the Black Diamond City Council (November 3rd), this contract was finally passed unanimously, with Councilmembers Morgan and Pepper adding flowery comments regarding our police and the contract itself. Our police deserved better than this.

Darryl Buss

Black Diamond

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