Don’t take on a project if there is no follow up | Letter to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Note: the following is in reply to an “In Focus” column by Rich Elfers (Courier-Herald, April 22.)

Streets and roads all over the Puget Sound region are in various stages of disrepair. The results being similar to that in Enumclaw.

What do local governments think will happen if they build a road and then ignore it? Projects should not be taken on if the necessary follow-up is not part of the plan. Maybe governments need to stop taking on new programs if they are unable to provide long-term care for existing programs.

You mentioned “knee-jerk” reaction to tax increases. It seems that government at all levels reacts in the same way: raise taxes. Working and retired taxpayers face an ever-increasing tax burden from all levels of government. Take a real-world look at levies, fees, assessments, sales tax rates, gas taxes – none are decreasing. When taxpayers reject additional taxes often times they are saying find a better way to do it.

How about a little long-term thinking? Delaying action has never solved a problem; it doesn’t take a paid consultant to understand that idea.

Thanks for putting this topic out for discussion.

Doug Willrich

Bonney Lake