Double standard? Maybe, but Democrats started it.

The political double standard is being played out today with the Judge Kavanaugh hearings.

Editor’s note: This letter is in response to a Rich Elfers column, “Living in the age of the political double standard,” published Sept. 26.

In this column, Rich Elfers directs questions to Trump supporters. As a Trump supporter, I would like to answer his questions. First, I want to go to Elfers question in the middle of his column. Am I right so far, Trump supporters? I would say yes but I would qualify it with two comments. Democrats continually mention Merrick Garland. They never mention Senator Chuck Schumer’s statement in 2007 when the Democrats controlled the Senate – “We should not confirm (meaning will not confirm) any Bush nominee to the Supreme Court, except in extraordinary circumstances.” Schumer said this 19 months before the presidential election whereas Garland was nominated 8 months before the election. Hypocrisy? Elfers stated Trump has an “obnoxious” personality. Some Republicans might agree with that but do overlook it because of the good he has done as Elfers points out. I don’t agree with that. President Trump is a businessman not a politician and I believe he has a friendly personality. You don’t become successful in business without being congenial. He has made friends with leaders of the free world but when it comes down to private negotiations, it’s all business.

Going after Obama on policy (balancing the budget) or performance (his apology tour) is completely legitimate. Nobody attacked Obama with personal insults like the Democrats have done against Trump (racist, bigot, Islamaphobe, etc.) and nobody said Democrats couldn’t criticize Trump’s policies. Republicans helped Obama pass his stimulus plan and Senator Mitch McConnell stated he wanted Obama to be a one term president 18 months into Obama’s first term. Saying Republicans “went after” Obama for 8 years is completely inaccurate. The Democrats started their resistance and obstruction of anything Trump on day one.

The Trump lies? You mean crowd size? Big deal. The lies to pass Obamacare weren’t “honest mistakes” and flip-flopping is done by both parties. Obamacare caused millions to lose their healthcare plan and their doctor. That is a big deal. Republicans attended a healthcare summit with Obama and the Democrats in February, 2010. Obama said he wanted to hear Republican ideas. Republicans offered tort reform and interstate purchase of healthcare. Those ideas were completely ignored. The summit was a sham.

Trump was criticized for his travel ban and separating illegal immigrant families at the border. Obama paused Iraqi refugee immigration for 6 months in 2011 and separated families. There was no outrage by Democrats. More hypocrisy?

The political double standard is being played out today with the Judge Kavanaugh hearings. In 1992, the Democrats dismissed out of hand the accusations of sexual misconduct by Bill Clinton yet they believed the accuser of Judge Kavanaugh without a shred of evidence. The Democrats even turned our justice system upside down by stating it was Judge Kavanaugh who had to prove his innocence.

Elfers tells us to follow the Golden Rule. Great advice. Everyone should follow it.

Craig Chilton

Bonney Lake

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Double standard? Maybe, but Democrats started it.

The political double standard is being played out today with the Judge Kavanaugh hearings.

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