Elfers’ column wrong on the rich | Letter to the Editor

Richard Elfers’ last column maintained the mantras the liberals chant about the terrible rich 1 percent and their ways. Of course his laser focus pinpointed Donald Trump and his supposed inheritance of $100 million to $300 million, a figure disputed by Trump and his siblings. Let’s pretend it was $100 million – so what? Is it Elfers’ or like thinking people’s business what anyone earns, inherits or accumulates? Rather than hate the “arrogant rich” mind your own house and do what it takes to achieve more if that is so important. Also, considering Trump started with a mere supposed $100+ million, had multiple bankruptcies yet turned it into $8-plus billion, he wasn’t sitting about complaining.

Then there’s the (shudder) awful possibility of “gated communities” in Enumclaw! So what? The only “artificial barriers” created are in the minds of the gossipmongers and handwringers who feel entitled to other people’s business. These same individuals will probably legislate for open garage doors next. It was poet Robert Frost who said good fences make good neighbors. Besides, Enumclaw has many gated communities – they’re called dairy farms and there isn’t a “sense of superiority and arrogance” there.

Oh, and those first-class passengers “sipping wine and being served meals” plus boarding first and arrogantly staring at the brown-bagging peon passengers filing by to get to coach. So what? I haven’t spent many sleepless nights over that experience. If you must fly and the idea of the firsties getting all of the goodies, use Southwest Airlines, take a train, a bus, row your kayak or drive. But please stop with your woe-is-me whining.

However, I must confess Elfers pointed out that our family falls into the elite arena. Yes, unbeknownst to me, my purchase of a “Good-To-Go” sticker has been the Trump card that puts me a notch above those who pay at the toll booths and can’t drive various HOV lanes without garnering a fine. So what? I relish driving by the traffic jams with an arrogant look while sipping my Perrier.

Lastly, the libs are quick to tell us not to judge others and to tolerate all idiosyncrasies, yet they are the first to admonish any person or actions that don’t fit their agendas. Spare me!

George Terhaar