Emphasis on schools makes Enumclaw a great place to live | Letter

Isn’t it great Enumclaw is a community where our citizens and our school board both work together to fully support our schools?

The board listened to community input and agreed unanimously to approve placing the bond measure we need on the April ballot to maintain, renovate and build classrooms where kids have been getting by with temporary portables for years. Congratulations for building a strong consensus and leading. Your passion for education and kids shows.

My family moved to Enumclaw years ago specifically because of this strong community spirit and strong support of kids. This district does what’s right for kids and we’ve been blessed with teachers and staff who put their all into educating and inspiring our kids.

So thanks again for thoughtfully listening to the needs of Enumclaw families and stepping forward with what’s needed. That’s leadership and that’s one of the things which makes Enumclaw such a great place to live.

William Harris