Enumclaw firefighters are good people doing their best to serve the community | Letter

My name is Greg Adams. I have been a firefighter here in Enumclaw for 18 years and have worked my way up to lieutenant. I am the president of the Enumclaw Volunteer Firefighter Association and am very active with the department and proud of the people I work with.

It brings me no pleasure to inform you that the fire levy failed. This failure means a lot of cuts will have to be made within the department’s operating costs, and ultimately personnel cuts as well. Even in these tough times, the volunteer and career firefighters are sticking together to serve the community and protect the lives and property of all of us who live here. The relationship has never been better.

It has been stated that we have been called “thugs” and “mafia,” but those that know us personally understand it isn’t true. We are all proud members of our community and feel it is unfortunate that just a few have painted us out to be this way with their misinformation. It was stated the money from the levy would go to firefighter raises, but in actuality it was to maintain the current service levels and avoid layoffs and operational cuts.

Personally, I feel the community let the fire department and itself down, by voting down the levy. You will only receive the most professional service from this fire department when you are in need. Whether on or off the job, we are good people and good firefighters. I don’t feel that people understand the money it takes, and work that is done inside these walls. If you have a problem, we show up and have the tools and the talent to solve it. For that to happen, there are hours upon hours of training, organizing a myriad of community events, equipment and facilities maintenance and many sleepless nights turning your worst day into something better. We will continue to serve this community’s needs and be a part of positive events. In the years I’ve been with the department I can’ t remember ever missing a year of the Santa Run. This year will be no different.

Greg Adams

Enumclaw firefighter