Enumclaw School District praised for doing things right | Letter

I wish to acknowledge the work of the Enumclaw School District.

As facilities and capital communications manager for Seattle Schools, I have lived in Enumclaw for 20 years. My two children graduated from Enumclaw High School and both are on the dean’s list at the University of Washington. I say this because Enumclaw has one of the finest all-around academic programs in the state. And key factors in providing quality education are 1) the voters passing Enumclaw school levies and 2) the stability and long-term retention of the district’s leadership and teaching staff.

An example of the respect the state superintendents from all other districts have for Enumclaw is their recent election of Mike Nelson to be their association president. The mark of a great community is, in part, a strong school system supported by its citizenry.

Tom Redman