For next generation to succeed, voters must support schools now | Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

As a strong supporter of STEM in our community, I see a mix of feelings on the upcoming school bond vote.

We saw what STEM can do at our last STEM Expo with thousands of the community seeing what STEM can do within our district. Without a “yes” vote on this bond extension, which is no added cost to the taxpayer, we will not have the capabilities to expand the STEM program into the high school. The classrooms, as they exist, will not support further STEM enhancements.

(A Voters Guide statement) stating that this bond will cost $10,000 to the average homeowner and more to farms and business owners is pure gibberish. It is a continuation of an existing bond and will not add property taxes to anyone.

Some of the comments on the upcoming bond only make sense if you believe that knowledge is the most important educational outcome. The more important purpose of an education is the acquisition of critical thinking skills. With those, you can question and refine your knowledge.

How do you expect the next generation to produce knowledgeable doctors, machinists, craftsman and teachers if you don’t want to invest in the education which will get them there? Not to mention public schooling provides such a large percentage of the country’s jobs, and that in itself is something I’m glad to give my tax dollars to.

For some voters, the size of the bond measure may give pause, but this request isn’t as financially burdensome as it might appear. Because older bonds will be retired as new bonds are sold, the school district will maintain its current bond tax rate. That means taxpayers will continue to pay the same amount for education as they do now. We can do all this while actually maintaining and not raising our combined tax rate from the 2014 level. The students are our future. I hope our community will support our kids and our schools. I urge voters to approve the bond.

There’s no question that the Enumclaw School District must renovate and modernize its facilities. And the price tag will never be any cheaper than it is today. The schools are declining and who is suffering? Our children! If our children suffer, we end up suffering also. School systems are not getting support from the state so why can’t we help? Everyone complains about the schools aren’t doing this or that, but are you doing anything to change the problem? No, continue complaining and see how far that gets you. I will do what’s necessary to help children get a better education.

Quality schools are the basis for Enumclaw’s livability and its economic success. Voters within the Enumclaw School District should approve the bond and agree to continue their generous support of local schools. As a grandparent and volunteer, I am proud of our growing school district. This bond continues our investment in our students, schools and, in particular, STEM.

We as a nation need to get back to thinking and caring not fighting and shaming. It’s either pay for their education or pay for their welfare!

Keith Mathews