Freedom and equality can only be achieved under God

Believing man can achieve this alone is folly.

This letter is in response to Richard Elfers’ column, “The struggle of equality versus the struggle for freedom,” published Feb. 13.

So, Mr. Elfers, what is your solution to this never-ending conflict of freedom versus equality?

I suggest the following: The separation of politics (State) from God is the primary cause of this conflict and true freedom and equality have been falsified through this separation. These false ideas of both freedom and equality will always lead to contention and conflict as all rejections of what is true do.

But neither Democrats nor Republicans will ever admit they are wrong. Even if they did, the U.S. Constitution forbids recognition of the truth that it is God who man must serve in order for there to be any hope of true freedom among all men. While James Adams claimed “our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people, it is wholly inadequate to the government of any other”, and the religion and morality that was predominant at this time was Protestantism and Masonry, there was no recognition of the supreme authority of God over man. Instead, it was thought that man outside of God could govern himself, perfect himself, if only this dominant religion and moral code kept its dominance. But as the people turned further and further away from these founding principles and God, the natural result has been that the non-believers and the radical extremists have incrementally gained the upper hand not only in politics, but in every other institution, particularly in education and science. The results have been disasterous.

True freedom consists in man’s recognition that he has no power other than that which God gives him. Freedom is not a tool man should use to coerce and enslave others, to enrich himself above others, to establish laws that serve no one but the lawmakers and harm the common good, but a proper use of right reason and a will formed in Truth, who is Jesus Christ. True freedom is a gift from God given to man to live out his life here on earth in service of God and his neighbor. Jesus Christ teaches us that we are to love our neighbor as ourselves. If we first love and serve God, as His Ten Commandments instruct us which are for our benefit as well as our duty to glorify Him as our creator, we will naturally love and properly serve our neighbors.

The word equality likewise has nothing to do with striving to make all men and all things equal because that is impossible. Man is equal only in the fact that he is created by God in His image and likeness; beyond that he is not equal as no two individuals will always have exactly the same strengths, weaknesses, innate talents, and experiences. To attempt to make all equal is an attempt to enslave all to someone’s idea of sameness. It is an affront to the dignity of man and to true freedom. It is all too clear what happens when this false notion of equality is taken to its logical conclusion-nature itself is denied, racism, classism, sexism, and ageism are used for one group to have power and control over others and the end result is slavery and tyranny.

Neither of the definitions of freedom and equality Mr. Elfers listed comports to these true definitions.

These two false ideas of freedom and equality will always cause conflict. Ideas, when put into practice, have consequences. The consequences of these two misunderstandings are war, poverty, destruction and death. They need to be eradicated and man needs to recognize the true definitions of both or the very future of mankind is in jeopardy.

Elaine Biggerstaff

Bonney Lake

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