Hoping Buckley sees the logic, does what’s right; also, vote against Prop 1 | Letter

Great job, Enumclaw City Council and administration, in dealing with the serious mistake the past city council and or administration made not taking care of their business with Enumclaw’s gas company.

Great job, Enumclaw City Council and administration, in dealing with the serious mistake the past city council and or administration made not taking care of their business with Enumclaw’s gas company.

Councilmen Dickson and LeFleur went above and beyond standing up for the citizens of Enumclaw in this matter. The special council meeting got pretty complicated with numbers flying all over the place but what it came down to was this: let’s say you wanted to buy a house and your good buddy talks you into buying a duplex that he can live in and pay rent for as long as you own the house. You paid for the house and all the appliances and furnishings for your buddy and some years later he decides he doesn’t want to live there anymore and sells some of the stuff on the inside. The duplex is going to need money invested in the worn out house but you were stupid enough not to collect enough rent from your buddy to maintain and recoup the money you invested. Your buddy sold most of the interior appliances and furnishings that you paid for and now you need him to pay you some of that money from the sale so you don’t lose money doing them a favor.

It’s really that simple.

The contract that Enumclaw has with Buckley states they need to share in these costs to maintain and operate the gas line. Buckley didn’t and now wants to sell its gas company to PSE leaving Enumclaw hanging with the bill. Hopefully Buckley will see the logic and do what’s right.

Also, I sure hope voters are not ignorant enough to vote for King County Proposition 1 on this coming election. WDOT and KCDOT have wasted the taxpayers money by the tens of millions of dollars and more likely the hundreds of millions and do not deserve more of the money we earn. And how many times do the voters needs to say no to higher car tab fees before the stinking politicians stop giving us the finger while doing what we told them not to do?

Ted DeVol


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