If governor thinks his idea is sound, let people decide | Letter to the Editor

The legislature struggled making decisions in a timely manner thereby requiring multiple sessions. Amazingly, they didn’t suffer too much angst over their 11 percent pay increase while struggling to raise the teachers’ pay; new teachers would gladly work for the $40,000-plus the legislators receive.

There’s a way to eliminate multiple legislative sessions. Have the Legislature meet in Othello and do their work in tents –it’s good enough for our soldiers in Yakima. You can bet the decisions would be quickly made and the whining about traveling would come to an abrupt halt as reps and senators got the business done pronto. Oh, by the way, Gov. Inslee should be required to attend as well.

Gov. Inslee isn’t happy that the Washington Legislature only gave him an 11.7 cent a gallon increase in gasoline taxes. The onerous passed gas tax generates $15 billion for roads and highways and another $15 billion for Sound Transit light rail expansion. Ironically, the Central Puget Sound Regional Transit Authority loses $3.91 per passenger and the state wants to pour more billions into a failing transportation system – go figure.

Here’s a concept: raise the user/rider fee to foot the bill; after all, that’s why there are tolls on some of the highways. To Inslee’s chagrin, and his friend California billionaire environmentalist Tom Steyer’s, the carbon tax proposal was temporarily put on hold. Yet, not to be denied, the governor now wants to mandate his plan through an executive order, taking a page from President Obama’s playbook.

If the governor’s carbon tax is such a great initiative, he should ask it be put to a public vote and then act on the people’s decision. While they’re at it, put term limits on the ballot as well.


George Terhaar