It’s a jungle out there

Justice Kavanaugh’s hearing before his confirmation was suited more for the zoo than Congress.

Want to go to the zoo, aquarium or museum? Don’t like the crowds and car parking problems associated with such a trip? Well, stay at home and watch odd creatures by tuning into the hearings for the Supreme Court vacancy! Truly a political paleontologist’s delight as stentorian fossils are displayed in their D.C. habitat. Nearly as much fun as touring a treatment plant, my apologies to the sewage centers. If the tenured troglodytes’ questioning and grandstanding doesn’t slake your primordial political palate, the accompanying protesters antics akin to a shark feeding frenzy may do the trick. Hold on! It may be more relaxing and fun to go a zoo, etc., as there are no expectations of better instinctual behavior with animals.

Anyone wondering why the Congressional approval rating has reached the near nadir of 18% percent? The hearing proves the need for immediate term limits.

George Terhaar


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