Keep marijuana out of Bonney Lake

The subject of recreational marijuana sale is once again at the forefront of discussion, and is going to be on the ballot for citizens of Bonney Lake to choose this fall.

The argument for allowing a store is all about money. The sales tax revenue will supposedly be huge, and Bonney Lake is foolish to not take advantage of it.

The argument against is about keeping it out of our community, especially school age kids with developing minds. There is a definite link between drugs and teen depression and suicide. The statistics may not be fully in yet, but we can all see it.

I realize that if the parents or older siblings do the drugs, and they are already in the house, the kids will get hold of them. I also realize that they can be legally purchased up the road, 10 minutes away in Buckley. So why not allow the store in Bonney Lake?

The answer is, by allowing pot to be sold legally for recreational purposes, we are “normalizing” it. We are sending a message that it’s okay, in moderation, just like alcohol.

The fact is, THC is stored in the fat cells of the body, whereas alcohol is stored in the bloodstream, and dissipates rather quickly, at a predictable rate. Pot is cumulative, meaning that the more is stored in the cells, the less is needed for the same effect. It is the opposite of alcohol, where a tolerance is built up, and more is needed for the same effect.

Both pot and alcohol are bad for developing minds. Our children are the most precious resource we have. They are the leaders of the next generation. We need them to be smarter than us.

Let’s keep Bonney Lake a great place to live and to raise kids; a place “Where Dreams can Soar”

Brad Doll

Bonney Lake