Kindness of residents made the day special

This is a bit belated but we wish to thank some of your wonderful Enumclaw families.

On Memorial Day weekend my dad and I were out taking flowers to all of our relatives’ graves. When we arrived at the Enumclaw cemetery we weren’t sure of the exact location of the plots. Mrs. Weeks had the office staff look up the locations and Mr. Weeks had filled water receptacles taken directly to the gravesides for our fresh-cut flowers. What great caretakers and ambassadors for Enumclaw.

At our next stop, the Black Diamond cemetery, we met the Waddell daughters (they said they live in Enumclaw) and their children. We hadn’t realized there would be so many weeds at our great-aunt’s grave. They had a metal rake, loosened al the weeds and helped us clear the 10×10 area.

We are thankful for these generous, kind folks from Enumclaw who made our day.

Lynn Banchero