King County Fire District 28 commissioner elected to clean up mess | Letter

We elected Angela Stubblefield to help clean up the abysmal mess left by previous fire commissioners. Stan McCall was appointed to replace a commissioner who resigned due to health issues. These two commissioners have the taxpayers’ interest at heart and are being thwarted at every turn.

It is disheartening to watch the bad behavior of people at the meetings, negative letters to the editor, negative postings on a Facebook page purportedly wanting to “Improve Fire District 28” and a frivolous and expensive lawsuit being instigated, therefore wasting even more precious and practically nonexistent funds.

The few vocal citizens who are determined to undermine our commissioners need to stop, the community needs to pull together and we need to help find ways to make our department solvent so our fire personnel can do their jobs. This can only be done by supporting the interim fire chief and commissioners.

Nancy Wieland