Lauk is the link to a stronger future for city | Letter to the Editor

Competitive political races can be trying on a community, but they are an outgrowth of the fundamental freedoms we are privileged to experience in a nation based on democracy and the voting rights of its citizens.

It is imperative for city government officials to be able to work together with mutual respect and cooperation in order to problem solve and bring future success to the community they serve. I find candidate Kim Lauk for City Council to be one of those people. Ms. Lauk saw a need in this community for transparency in city government, respect for the natural beauty of Enumclaw and fair treatment of all citizens and turned it into a grassroots campaign for a City Council position. She has worked tirelessly to listen to the voice of the people and encourage open communication between citizens and elected officials. Ms. Lauk has conducted herself with nothing but grace and dignity through the rigors of a contentious race, displaying a level of maturity of a person twice her age.

When deciding for whom to cast your ballot next month, consider all the information you have been given and remember that Kim Lauk is the link to breaking the stalemate of the past and leaning forward to a stronger more cohesive future for Enumclaw.

Mary Ballard